Thursday, 25 September 2008

MySpace Music Slammed By Independent Label Boss

Following the launch yesterday (September 24) of MySpace Music in the USA, Chairman of the Beggars Group of record labels, Martin Mills, has slammed the new service for not signing up influential independent record labels.

Mills has criticised those behind the service for not enlisting more independent labels, which he says were influential in the initial growth of MySpace.

All of the major record labels Universal, Warner Music, EMI and Sony BMG are signed up to the service.

In a statement, Mills said:

"It is both disappointing and astonishing that MySpace, built on the music of independent artists and labels, should, now it has the majors as partners, choose to launch without those that have been at its heart, and whilst treating independents as second class citizens."The service's independent content, sadly, appears to constitute only the independent distribution arms of the majors by virtue of their deals with their parents, and the orchard."We, however, believe that independent music and artists are worth every cent as much as that of the majors, and will not be supporting this potentially exciting new service until we see fair play."

The Beggars Group owns the Rough Trade, 4AD, Matador, XL, Too Pure, Merok and Young Turks labels.

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