Friday, 30 April 2010

ALBUM REVIEW: Kate Nash, My Best Friend is You

There’s been talk surrounding follow up to, Made of Bricks, suggesting a change to Nash’s style. However, there’s no radical change to turn fans away, there's definitely a more abrasive edge to My Best Friend Is You which takes some getting used to.

Nash’s sophomore album, produced by former Suede man, Bernard Butler, features a more assured, mature piano pop sound, while maintaining her quirky style.

In Butler, she’s found her dream producer with his trademark sound of big impact, sweeping strings framing her cockney accent. It works beautifully as Nash raises the bar on her melodies, evident on vibrant lead single, Do Wah Doo, and opener, Paris, with its waterfall piano and thrilling strings, its here she’s in her comfort zone.

The softer moments work well on the touching, I Hate Seagulls, the pretty, You Were So Far Away, and, Pickpocket, a fragile ballad with just piano for accompaniment.

Although not afraid to step out of that zone, the most divisive track is likely to be, Mansion Song, with a 90-second foul-mouthed rant about groupies, sex and cocaine, before exploding into a drum-heavy jam and unleashing a gut-busting scream.

My Best Friend Is You proves Nash is remarkably adept, and not afraid to dip her toe in other areas, testing punk and grunge. Moving away from the freshness of her debut, this album finds Nash on the road to merging her punk side with her pop.


1. Paris
2. Kiss That Grrrl
3. Don't You Want To Share The Guilt?
4. I Just Love You More
5. Do-Wah-Doo
6. Take Me to a Higher Plane
7. I've Got a Secret
8. Mansion Song
9. Early Christmas Present
10. Later On
11. Pickpocket
12. You Were So Far Away
13. Seagulls

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