Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Biffy Clyro – SECC, Glasgow – 20th December 2008

Having seen the Ayrshire trio perform at T in the Park quite a few times over the years I wasn’t sure if the SECC was the best choice of venue for them to play their largest headline show (not counting festivals). However, Biffy Clyro proved that they can play any venue and are more than capable of handling the big ones.

They kicked off in explosive fashion with Living is a Problem Because Everything Dies performed through a curtain with the crowd only seeing their silhouettes before the sheet dramatically dropped as they finished before they blasted straight into Saturday Superhouse.

They seamlessly performed tracks from their last release, Puzzle and previous albums which were all well received by the crowd. Several tracks had such a grand feel due to the accompaniment of an all-girl string quartet, although the lads were still able to show their tender side on other tracks.

Simon performed a touching acoustic version of Folding Stars, the song he wrote following the death of his mother. The trio then went straight into Machines, another heartfelt number which had the crowd singing along to every word.

The strings accompaniment, especially on Nine Fifteenths was haunting and really set Biffy apart from other rock bands.

The tempo was raised again with Glitter and Trauma and Mountains had the crowd singing again before 57 and Now the Action Is on Fire finished off the night.

The guys looked amazingly comfortable as they delivered ninety minutes of pure excellent rock music; these guys were born to do this.

Set List:

Living Is a Problem Because Everything Dies

Saturday Superhouse

A Whole Child Ago

Get Fucked Stud


The Ideal Height




Convex, Concave

Folding Stars Acoustic


Glitter and Trauma


Love Has a Diameter

Who's Got A Match?

Only One Word Comes To Mind



Now I'm Everyone

As Dust Dances


Now The Action Is On Fire!

Reviewer: Starlet

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