Friday, 23 January 2009

Orange unsignedAct Finals – This Sunday

Two Scottish Acts have reached the finals of TV talent show Orange unsignedAct with Sony Ericsson on Channel 4.

Coatbridge group Hip Parade, Glasgow songwriter Tommy Reilly and Scarlet Harlot’s from Birmingham are all in with a chance of winning a record deal with Universal Music, home to Razorlight, Amy Winehouse and the Kaiser Chiefs to name but a few.

The winner also gets a £60,000 advance, a single released after the series, an album deal and a multi media marketing campaign.

The remaining acts are just three of more than 8,000 hopeful bands and musicians who entered the popular contest, but they are just days away from discovering if they have done enough to win the coveted record deal.
After Tommy Reilly played his song ‘Gimme A Call’ Simon Gavin called his performance "effortlessly brilliant."

Alex James cites 'Girl on the Radio' as Hip Parade's "hit record,"

Scarlet Harlots succeeded in breaking into the final of the competition with their performance of 'A Secret.' Alex James thought it was "cool, cool, cool"

The show kicks off on T4 this Sunday at 1pm and the live results show is at 2.35pm.Voting closes on Sunday, 25th of January at the end of the live show.
To find out how to vote for your favourite act go to

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