Friday, 30 October 2009

How To Make It In Music 2 – Help for Aspiring Musicians

A new book has been released to help out aspiring musicians.

Aspiring musicians who are keen to get their big break “without selling their soul to X Factor” may be in luck, as a new guide for unsigned musicians is released.

‘How To Make It In Music 2’ clearly sets out the lengths any aspiring musician needs to go to and the pitfalls they must avoid on their path to success.

The book deals with different aspects of the music business including information for independent musicians on approaching promoters, guides to selling and distributing their own music and in-depth reviews of recording equipment.

The book is published annually and was written this year by Stuart James Smith, a London-based musician.

It also includes in-depth interviews with industry figures including Rob Da Bank, Fatboy Slim’s music engineer Streaky Gee and Barfly promoter Mark Richards.

The 300-page book is priced at £7.99.

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