Friday, 23 October 2009

Keep Track of Your Tracks with Internet Tool - Track Patrol

A new website has been launched that will help companies and individuals try to resolve the problem of unlicensed tracks appearing on compilation albums.

Track Patrol ( is a unique product that allows users to search every physical compilation album for sale online in the UK and US, to see which songs appear where, and therefore crack down on unauthorised use.

Paul Hatcher, the company’s co-founder (also director of The Licensing Partnership UK) has said that in his experience as a licensing agent, tracks frequently appear on compilations without the permission of correct rights owners because of admin errors.

He said “The majors’ rights databases are poorer than some systems,” adding “People often don’t update rights databases when they lose rights. I constantly find tracks on compilations that are unauthorised.”

Consumers can use Track Patrol for free although their search results don’t include full details. Users can pay £50 per search or subscribe for a monthly or annual fee.

Paid searches include information such as Compilations, Labels, Format, Release Date, Catalogue Numbers, Territory & Download sites. Users can pay £50 per search or subscribe for a monthly or annual fee.

Hatcher says the service has had a positive response from many major and independent labels. He will present it to the AIM Dance Committee in January.

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