Friday, 18 December 2009

Owen Pallett Drops Final Fantasy Name Over Copyright Issues

Owen Pallett, the creative genius known mostly under the moniker Final Fantasy, will release his upcoming album Heartland under his own name. The album, due out on January 18, will be the first release using his name.

The string arranger, who has worked with the likes of Arcade Fire and The Last Shadow Puppets, has announced he will no longer be recording as Final Fantasy following copyright issues with a computer games manufacturer.

The Square Enix video games firm release the Final Fantasy game series and own the rights to the name.

In a statement Pallett said, "The laws of trademark infringement exist for good reason, and so I am voluntarily retiring my band name. In the New Year my record 'Heartland' is coming out [on January 18], and it is my first to be released in many territories, including Japan. With this in mind, I feel it is in my own best interests to definitively distinguish my music from Square/Enix games.

"So, I am no longer playing shows as Final Fantasy. Subsequent releases, including 'Heartland', will be issued under my own name, Owen Pallett. Prior releases will sometime soon be repackaged and reissued."

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