Friday, 3 October 2008

ALBUM REVIEW: The Aliens, Luna

Following on from their overhyped debut album, 2007’s Astronomy for Dogs, The Aliens have come up trumps with their second album.

Luna definitely has a dreamy, hallucinatory quality. It demonstrates the bands musical impulse that they are still unable to control but that is no bad thing, well, not on this album.

Their main influences seem to be Syd Barrett, Brian Wilson, early Bowie and White Album Beatles, but as the album goes on it throws up half a dozen more. This is certainly an ambitious and challenging album. The Aliens remain timeless, simultaneously nostalgic and optimistic.

The ten minute opener ‘Bobby’s Song’ starts off with a harmonica intro that leads you into quivery psychedelic folk-pop that soon sweeps through an electronic and progressive rock section. A complete mix of 60s sounds and Eastern beats that felt overloaded with too many contrasting elements.

Third track, Theremin, features sunny West Coast, gentle Brian Wilson harmonies whereas Magic Man had more of an acid rock edge with its fusion of every style you can think of.

Title track Luna is not for the faint hearted, starting with gloomy pianos before turning into a full-on guitar fest.

Boats offers a credible guitar sprawl from Neil Young. Last track on the album is the truly delicate, psychedelic beauty, Blue Mantle.

This album is confirmation that The Aliens have well and truly landed, Luna is a psychedelic delight.

Track Listing

1. Bobby's Song
2. Amen
3. Theremin
4. Everyone
5. Magic Man
6. Billy Jack
7. Luna
8. Dove Returning
9. Sunlamp Show
10. Smoggy Bog
11. Daffodils
12. Boats
13. Blue Mantle

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