Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Illegal Downloads On The Way Out According To survey

According to a survey published by Entertainment Media Research (EMR), music pirates can be deterred by warnings from their internet service provider (ISP). The survey found that 72% of consumers would stop downloading music illegally if contacted by their ISP.

The EMR survey also found that 51% (of 1,500 consumers) legally purchased downloads. It’s the first time in the five years the EMR survey has been produced this figure outweighed the number of those who download illegally.

The research revealed the effect of the campaign against persistent pirates conducted by the music industry. An agreement from ISPs to send out warning letters to those suspected of illegally downloading music has contributed.

Russell Hart, chief executive of Entertainment Media Research said in a statement "It is quite evident that an ISP-led strategy has bite, because illegal downloader’s are fairly convinced that ISPs are currently monitoring their activities and are more likely to act against them than the courts."

The research also found that younger net users, 13-17 year olds, were the most persistent pirates, 58% said they had downloaded illegally. It also found that 61% of those who admitted to being illegal downloader’s were convinced that their activities were being monitored by net firms.

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