Friday, 10 October 2008

Innovative Idea Helps Attic Lights Connect With Their Fans

Scots band Attic Lights have come up with an inventive way of connecting with their fans, they have released 54 different versions of their new single Wendy.

The song, taken from the band's forthcoming album Friday Night Lights, was reworked multiple times following a drinking session by the band in the Mixing Rooms studios in Glasgow.

The single versions have had different names inserted in the chorus. The girl’s names include Becky, Cheryl, Julie and Sarah, with names such as Adam, Danny, Richie and Simon for the guys.

Kevin Sherry, the bands singer revealed: "When we were recording the album at the end of last year we were having a laugh during the take of Wendy, I ended up singing the name of girlfriends of the members of the band, instead of Wendy. I added my family members. We thought it was a novel idea.”

“We went through all the names of people we knew and the record company thought it would be a great idea to release them” he said.

"Fifty-four versions must be some kind of record but we haven't got round to checking it out," he added.

The single versions have been personalised to cover the most popular names in the country. To see the full selection of names available click here

The original CD version of the single, Wendy, includes a remix by Jon Fratelli of The Fratellis and also Scots indie acts The Vaselines and Camera Obscura.

Kevin said: "We supported The Fratellis in London a few months ago and Jon was very complimentary about the band. He changed the chords and added his own vocal and guitars over it. We were blown away that Jon did it for us even though he is in a massive band. He had told us to keep in touch and said The Fratellis wanted to support Scottish bands as much as they could."

The bands brilliant debut album, Friday Night Lights is out on Monday 13th October.

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