Friday, 27 November 2009

Lily Allen - SECC, Glasgow 25th Nov 2009

Cheeky Londoner Lily Allen opened her Glasgow show with ‘Everyone’s At It’, wearing a black and white striped cardi-dress, which was soon to be whipped off.

Her ‘little Miss innocent’ act was present throughout with her giggling fits, her constant fiddling with her sound FX joystick and even when she decided to start handing out pints of Guinness to those in the front rows.

Her newer electro-pop songs better suited her vocals, as she seemed to recognise by cutting tracks like LDN short. Who’d Have Known and Littlest Things were the least pitchy, while I Could Say had some tuning problems.

With a dip in the middle, the set was back on track by her cover of Just Be Good to Me, performed with Professor Green (MC). Smile broke into welcome techno territory and The Fear took it to the encore.

For those who with no opinion, one way or the other, on the 24 year old will find it hard not to be completely won over by her live show. She may have been pretty erratic, but it’s difficult to dislike her.

The show was packed with fun, era-defining pop songs, glamour, and even some shameless filth, but Lily Allen staked her claim to be one of the finest pop stars in Britain at the moment.


Everyone's at It
I Could Say
Never Gonna Happen
Oh My God / Everything's Just Wonderful
Who'd Have Known
LDN / Dance Wiv Me
Back to the Start
He Wasn't There
Littlest Things
Not Fair
Fuck You

The Fear
Womanizer (Britney Spears cover)

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