Friday, 27 November 2009

Virgin Media to Launch Filesharing Monitor Tool

Virgin Media in the UK has stated that it will start using technology to monitor filesharing traffic on its network, reports Music Week.

The CView system will be implemented by Data processing firm Detica. The tool has been specifically designed to detect copyright infringement within its music download service.

Virgin Media is claiming that this is the first time in the UK that such a tool has been used to detect illegal filesharing.

Virgin has stated that it will monitor around 40% of its broadband users but those being monitored will not be informed that they are part of the test base. This has been met with opposition from consumer bodies.

The technology will allow Virgin to identify P2P packets and explore inside them to determine what content is licensed and what is not.

It is the first ISP to implement such measures. Other ISPs, most notably TalkTalk, have been vocal in their opposition to such systems and disconnections.

Under the recently-published Digital Britain report, the Government gave ISPs a year to reduce filesharing traffic on their networks by 70%.

This was followed by the outlining of the Digital Economy Bill which could see a ‘three strikes’ disconnection and throttling policy imposed for persistent copyright infringers.

Earlier this year, Virgin Media announced plans to develop an unlimited music download service in conjunction with Universal Music. No launch date has been confirmed yet.

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